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Learn To Read Piano Music At First Sight!

James Cebatien Chicago Piano Teacher Study Piano With A Professional
James Cebastien

In a class by itself.
Perfect for everyone - beginner to professional.

This unique and effective system of reading music gives you the skill of playing piano music at sight. A programmed learning approach is learned in the first several hours of one-on one class instruction.

When the basic technique has been mastered lessons will consist of actual sight-reading; special and selected songs are sight read (played) in class with the teacher monitoring to make corrections and maintain consistency.

With Music Dynamics the learning experience is centered on the spontaneous work done in the studio. At a certain point the student can reinforce at home what has been taught in the studio.

James Cebastien - A Piano Teacher Like No Other

"Jim Cebastien changed my life. In just 6 months I was sight reading material that I would never have attempted to play prior to his instruction." - Allen Nichols; Maxims, The Nancy Goldberg International Center

"Jim Cebastien is ALWAYS my first recommendation as a piano teacher in Chicago. While his own personal musicianship is impeccable, what makes him a great teacher is his kindness, patience and ability to help you the player you can be. I have seen enormous growth in his adult students and feel that is one of his strengths." - Beckie Menzie

"James' teaching technique is masterful. Under James' instruction my sight reading of music improved exponentially in a very short time. James' technique works so well, is so simple and makes so much sense that I can't believe no other music teacher used it to teach me before. James' smart approach to teaching music gets the most out of busy, adult students like me who cannot devote hours and hours to practicing each week. My progress is amazing considering my time constraints." - Allen Shechtman

"At first, I was skeptical. The advertisement placed was certainly among the most appealing, as it promised piano playing where the focus was the lesson itself, and not the practice time spent alone and away from a teacher. Coming from a more traditional approach to learning music, to say I was intrigued would be an understatement. And now, not even a year into the course, to say I was pleased with the results can't even begin to do any of it justice. James cares about his students, and their development, and this can be seen from day one. What I have taken away, thus far, has been a successful approach to playing the piano, as well as a new friend, infinitely more than just a teacher." - Chris Regnery