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It is not based on musical ability, but rather on principles similar to touch-typing and reading of words.

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All lessons are given in my studio at 30 E. Huron (Superior & Wabash)

This unique and effective system of reading music gives you the skill of playing piano music at sight. A programmed learning approach is learned in the first several hours of one-on one class instruction.

I offer piano lessons in a programmed-learning approach. This means that a beginner student masters each part of the system separately :

1. Basic Theory, including rhythm and time values
2. Interval identification or the "notes",
3. Trace patterns of how to feel the intervals in the fingers, and finally
4. The peripheral line exercise that keeps the eye on the page while reading music.

When these levels are completed (in about 4-7 lessons) the student sight-reads specific songs in class in the monitored presence of the teacher. Over time the songs get gradually more advanced to the degree that a student could eventually read almost any piece of music.

When the basic technique has been mastered lessons will consist of actual sight-reading; special and selected songs are sight read (played) in class with the teacher monitoring to make corrections and maintain consistency.

Music Dynamics is a form of mind-programming through the lesson structure which initiates a learning pattern then re-enforces it. It also prevents the student from creating his own errors through the “no practice format”. This allows the instructor to control the outcome of every lesson at all times.

More than Reasonable Rates

Lessons are $50 per session of 55 minutes (this allows each person to settle in between clients and start on time).The preferred financial arrangement is monthly payments in advance.*

All lessons are given at the studio in the Chicago Gold Coast, near Michigan and Chicago Aves. (312) 944-1252. We do not travel to your home to do lessons. One person at a time ; Ages 16 and up.

*All lessons must be paid for while you are enrolled. When cancellations (for any reason) happen a makeup lesson time is provided for you (one time ). You are not required to take the makeup lesson, but this time counts as a paid lesson. Everyone is allowed two weeks in a year to skip lessons for vacation time.