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Learn to read music at first sight

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Learn To Read Piano Music At First Sight!

MUSIC DYNAMICS - Sight Reading

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James Cebastien has successfully taught piano lessons for over thirty years. Well-known Chicago artists and peers have studied and coached with him. Some of his well-known former Chicago students include real estate giant Paul Beitler, David Hollisterof the Backstreet Boys, Douglas Kraner, involved in the production design of “The Untouchables”, “Sleeping With the Enemy” and “Uncle Buck”and Richard Marx (singer/songwriter in the 80’s).

Adult Piano Lessons - Chicago - Gold Coast

Many years of research have produced the Music Dynamics® method of learning to play the piano. It is a unique copy-written system of teaching music that has been successfully taught in Chicago for the past 30 years. Music Dynamics® teaches people to read keyboard music at sight through a programmed learning experience. Because the initial training sessions are monitored one-on-one lessons, there is no practice for the first seven or eight lessons!

Students learn to combine the visual skills of speed reading with the finger reaction of touch typing. This allows them to play (read) using both hands skillfully the first time. With Music Dynamics® the learning experience is centered in the spontaneous work done in the studio. At a certain point the student can reinforce at home what has been taught in the studio. "Practice” is used to smooth out the song - not for learning how to play the song.

It is never too late to learn something new. Even if you play only once a week at your lesson, you are playing piano and getting away from the hustle and noise of life. Many people do it on their lunch hour while downtown.